About Us

With the growing awareness on the amazing healing benefits of Omega-3 rich, anti-inflammatory Hemp oil.   There are so many products we offer that can benefit the body & skin for wellness, & healing from an all natural ingredient holistic spectrum.  

Hemp being so powerful with notable results for what it can provide both internally for the body & externally on the skin, its become increasingly evident the body has the ability to heal itself given the right tools, protocols & ingredients.  Taken internally for both our Hemp C60 & seasoned or plain hemp seeds, the health benefits & impacts are indeed noteworthy for alleviating multiple ailments.   

Relieving both pain  & inflammation  to literally conquering ailments that have plagued a clients body for the long run,….it is amazing to witness & hear the feedback on being pain free.  .  

Treating both skin & physical ailments  for long term wellness  versus just a bandaid approach so one can age gracefully with ease.    This is what we offer in our myriad of products.  Having both ongoing  newbies discovering Hemp for the first time or the  repeats of returning customers faithful to our products that have been proactive in changing their life by “healing with hemp”

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Other products we carry that are made Locally in Canada & may be of interest, (click here to inquire)

  • Hemp Deodorant (Happy Men or  Oakmoss & Sandalwood or Orange & Peppermint)
  • Hemp Shampoo,  (Rosemary Mint or Ruby Grapefruit or Litsea Cubeba & Bergamot or  Unscented)
  • Hemp Conditioner (Rosemary Mint, or Ruby Grapefruit, or Tea Tree & Lavender)
  • Hemp Body Soap (cedarwood & patchouli)
  • Hemp Facial Toner (rose & geranium)
  • Hemp Baby Salve
  • Hemp Hand Cream
  • Hemp Body Butter
  • Hemp Body Lotion
  • Hemp Winter Cream lotion
  • Hemp cold sore balm or  lip balm *(coconut, or strawberry or watermelon)
  • Hemp Oil bath macaroons
  • Hemp Charcoal Acne Bar
  • Hemp Apricot Facial Scrub
  • Hemp Peppermint Foot Cream
  • Hemp Mens Shaving Soap

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