HEMP - C60 - "Nobel Prize Winner"

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HEMP - C60 - "Nobel Prize Winner"

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The discovery of fullerenes in 1985 led to a new field of study & a New Material Class of pure carbon that is significantly different from other forms of carbon, diamond & graphite. Carbon fullerenes are spherical, caged molecules with carbon atoms located at the corner of the polyhedral structure consisting of pentagons & hexagons, much like the shape of a Soccer ball. Carbon Fullerenes come in many forms, the most abundant form is Carbon 60 (which has a soccer ball shape).  Fullerenes get the name from the geodesic dome shape which was research & promoted by Buckminister Fuller.
1996 Nobel Price in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto & Richard E. Smalley “for their discovery of fullerenes”.
In nature, C60 is found naturally occurring at lightning strikes, meteor landings, at the base of glaciers, in candle flames — & is now manufactured in top quality controlled laboratories using anodes & cathodes that simulate these natural conditions.
A great deal of research into this newly discovered molecule has occurred since its discovery, & for our purposes here, these studies relate & verify some truly remarkable traits when ingested.  There is a now-famous rat study well documented & cited, that shows true health benefits under clinical conditions of C60 saturated in Oil. HEMP OIL IS THE ULTIMATE BEST CARRIER OIL AS HEMP IS ALREADY A NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY)  One of the most astounding findings was that the rat study showed that C60 nearly doubles rat’s lives & in these cancer tumor prone animals, not one incidence of tumors developed as it normally would have without C60
Here are some often cited benefits of taking C60 in HEMP Oil *
    1. Helps with resistance to chemical toxicity & Increases endurance & cellular energy & complete cellular detox *(trillions of cells) & all organs,
    2. Anti-inflammatory & enhances Liver health/performance
    3. Anti-oxidant & Increases Lung & Cardio capacity, Enhance muscle strength, Doubled average users daily energy & cellular vitality
    4. The most durable molecule known to be in existence clears Arthritis, chronic inflammation & Osteoarthritis all caused by free radical damage & oxidative stress
    5. Improves Longevity & assists with hair thinning & loss from free radical damage & oxidative stress
    6. Protects against free radicals & oxidative stress purges heavy metals from the brain linked to Alzeimers & Parkinsons, Brain focus & memory enhancement, eliminates brain fog, Youth report better focus & concentration less restlessness
    7. Kills viruses & boosts immune system & resistance to colds/flu
    8. Protects nerves & heals nerve damage  & sciatica
    9. Helps with obesity & metabolic syndrome (excess fat cells create more free radicals)
    10. Kills bacteria (gut health enhanced assists with diverticulitis, leaky gut, poor digestion, food allergies, gluten sensitivity)
    11. Prevents UV damage – clears liver &  aging spots,  brown spots from face. body, hands Clears free radical damage to skin, clear skin from inside out, yet users have also enhanced skin repair by also putting directly onto skin, face, hands & scars.  Greatly reduce fine lines & wrinkles
    12. Reverse & virtually eliminate macular degeneration (4-5 months) & assists with more regularity & healthy bowel movements, alleviates constipation *(must drink water with this after initial hour of ingestion)
    13. C60 “sucks up” free radicals & removes them from the body to promote self healing.  (Alcohol & smoking create more free radicals)
    14. People report numerous changes in their physical condition. Such as: lowers acidity, pain, helps cognitive function, Blood pressure balance… Athletes are reporting many benefits with longer sustained energy
    15. With better than 170 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C & “superior bio-distribution” — C60 goes where other anti-oxidants cannot go & promotes pathway to pain free living as a great reset for the body, return to abundant energy like in childhood years!
Recommended dosage:  Though it varies, the average general recommendation is 1 tsp per day & upwards (based on body weight).  Alhough there is no known toxicity levels to worry about and C60 does not contravene with medications as an all natural supplement.  Users have reported success with lessoning of some medications &/or less dependency.    It is also recommended to be taken on an empty stomach so as not to to engage the C60 in the digestion process attached to food processing. It is also recommended that Hydrogen source be taken to enhance the effectiveness of C60 with significantly faster results!  C60 is recommended to be taken with an an apple *(any kind) or tomatoes  which enhances the uptake of the C60.  C60 & (Hydrogen) H2 are known to help each other. Tomatoes & apples are a good source of hydrogen, which assists C60 in absorbing into cells 10x faster & get busy finding those free radicals !

If you can’t tolerate either, not to worry C60 still will fully absorb.  These are just enhancers

*Tomatoes are not recommended if conquering arthritis until cleared from the body
*Must drink plenty of purified water throughout the day, lemon water is the best as blood will be very acidic from toxins purged. Lemon helps alkaline the blood.  NO LIQUIDS AT ALL FOR FIRST 45  MIN TO AN HOUR AFTER TAKING C60 ON EMPTY STOMACH (except apple/tomato)

*NOTE:  Must keep this product refrigerated as is a live cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Our manufacturing process involves solvent-free C60 from a Canadian laboratory, saturated in Hemp Seed Oil with a continuous shaking mixing process in total darkness & oxygen deprivation until total saturation is achieved & the C60 molecule when ingested can not fit into the most smallest spaces & places unlike CBD which just numbs pain to brain receptors/sognals.  The root cause of the ailment is still underlying in the body with just CBD alone, with C60 we are CLEARING free radicals, like pacman going into your cells, organs & tissues & gobbling up those free radicals & flushing out through the waste system/kidneys.  Hence why it is imperative to drink enough purified water to assist in this process for optimum results.

Expected initial Results: Average user reports double the energy before first bottle is complete & better deeper REM sleep state eventually requiring less hours of sleep & waking more refreshed!  Results on energy timeframe can vary depending on individual toxins/free radicals being purged!

Protocol: Recommended 3-4 bottles for full cellular & organ flush, maintenance bottles a few times a year as we are constantly making new free radicals & experiencing  oxidative stress which is also the ROOT CAUSE OF AGEING!!

Vaccine Detox: Anyone who has had the vaccine is recommended to take 2 teaspoons in the morning & two in the evening on an empty stomach for two months. Thereafter one teaspoon twice a day for 1 month. After 3 months continue on maintenance dosage at 1 tbsp per day for two months.


Disclaimer:  We make no claims on this product.  This is not a medicine & not intended to be offered as a cure for any issue(s).  The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or the FDA. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. .  All are meant for research, or experimental.  The use of C60 still has not been recognized by the majority of the health organizations & sole responsibility of using C60 products is yours & yours alone…

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