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Bud Rub

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1990’s as a treatment for Cold Sores transformed into this amazing Rub & it works on ALL SORTS OF INFLAMMATORY PAIN.


WHY BUD RUB IS UNIQUE? Bud Rub uses a novel set of ingredients that sets it apart from all other products on the market today.

Organically grown & GMO Free hemp seed oil,

Beeswax & Almond Oil to nourish & protect the skin

Skin is both moisturized & pain is reduced but the real kicker that sets Bud Rub out from the rest of many products out there is BCP *(otherwise known as


BCP is a lesser known Phytocannabinoid found in many plants including Hemp. BCP acts through the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain & inflammation. BCP binds to the same receptors used by CBD to exert its effects.BCP is a very potent CB2 agonist & fully activates the receptor. In our experience it is more effective at immediately dealing with pain than even CBD.  The nice part is that it isn’t regulated under the Cannabis Act. BCP is also a transdermal penetration enhancer.

BCP has several advantages. First BCP & therefore Bud Rub can travel with you wherever you go without worry of legal problems that can occur with other cannabis products. Second BCP can’t spoil drug tests that you may be subjected to at work or in sport. And third, our experience suggests this is a better choice for immediate relief of pain & inflammation in so many circumstances.

BUD RUB also has several essential oils to aid with reducing pain & inflammation as well as a nice fragrance. Rosemary is well known for its ability to reduce muscle pain.

Lavender Bud Rub – Lavender has linalool,Amazing Linalool Benefits are

  1. Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reducer: Linalool is useful for dampening overactive responses to injury or sickness.
  2. Anti-Epileptic:  Linalool is “very powerful in it’s anticonvulsant quality”
  3. Stress Reducer: Linalool inhalation has been shown to act as an anxiolytic (anxiety reducer) and may boost immune system performance.
  4. Sedative: Linalool can improve sleep & increase energy the following morning!
  5. Anti-Microbial Modulator: Linalool may improve anti-microbial properties.

The low scent formulation is essentially the same as the original formula but a lower concentration of essential oils such as Rosemary. Not to worry, the BCP level in the Low scent variation are the same however so no concern about being any less effective for pain.

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