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As a Live cold pressed oil – must be kept in fridge

There are 2 main categories of fatty acids, Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 acids include ALA,EPA & DHA. Omega-6 fatty acids include LA, GLA & DGA & AA. Both tyoes of fatting acids are important butmost pet foods contain far more Omega-6 fatty acids over Omega-3. Previously, it was thought that ratio should be approximately 15:1 but due to health benefits of Omega-3’s it is now believed that a ratio of 10:1 or 5:1is much more beneficial. HEMP SEED OIL is naturally in a ratio of 3:1 & your can’t beat that !!

Although animals can produce some of the fatty acids they need but not all. The fatty acids they cannot produce themselves are called Essential Fatty Acids & must be obtained through their diet. These fatty acids must be consumed since animals do not make them themselves. Most pet foods today add fatty acids but in processed foods they are subject to degradation. Overcooking or a sub-optimum level of antioxidants in dry food results in rancidity & subsequent deficiency in fatty acids. Most pet foods do not provide adequate amounts of fatty acids so many owners choose to supplement with afatty acid supplement.

SOURCES OF FATTY ACIDS – HEMPETZ –The type of fatty acid depends on its source. For example beef fat has a higher level of Omega 6 fatty acids whereas Hemp Seed Oil has a higher level of Omega 3’s Hemp seed oil is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids & DHA. Since most pets diets are much too high in Omega 6 fatty acids, it is the Omega 3’s that is a great supplementation to add to your pets food by using our Hempetz. *(dosage on bottle as per animals’ weight)

How Fatty Acids Help decrease Inflammation: Fatty acids are involved in many functions of the body including their function in cell membranes. Both AA & EPA can be incorporated into cell membranes. When a cell is damaged, AA (an omega 6 fatty acid) is released from the cell membrane & is metabolized by enzymes into substances which can increase inflammation & itching. EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid) is also released when cell enzymes are less available for use by AA & less of an inflammatory response occurs. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids can decrease theharmful effects of Omega-6 fatty acids & majorly reduce associated inflammation.


By supplementing Omega-3 fatty acids, we may be able to decrease the effects of inflammation. There are many diseased that create an inflammatory response in the body & supplementing these fatty acids has shown to decrease the effects of inflammation. There are many diseases that create an inflammatory response in the body & supplementing these fatty acids has shown to decrease many of these disease symptoms. As well many animals that are super High Strung or even moderately, our Hemp Oil has a calming effect when put into their diet & our oil also eases stress & anxiety.The oil is also excellent to relieve dry skin, dander, shedding & joint pain as a reliever or even preventative measure.

Decreased shedding is a great side effect. Hemp Seed oil is great for a puppies developing brain as well as middle age or older pets. Also good for the digestive tract, healthy gut (which is our pets immune system) & better digestion helps with food allergies & very itchy skin or dry & flaking. Gives a nice healthy shiny coat to all pets. Also, outer dry patches to skin or on elbows knees nose or paws, you can as well rub topically over & above the internal doseage.


In addition to their effects on the developing immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids especially DHA & EPA have proven essential for proper development of the retina & visual cortex.

Since fatty acids need to be incorporated into cellular membranes, a single dose will not offer relief. Many vets & dermatologists recommend that fatty acids be used for 9-12 weeks to see the full results.


Dry cracking paws, dander, dry skin, stress & anxiety, excessive barking,

jumpy & skittish, Hyperactivity, storms, weather changes, nervousness

Promotes shiny health coats reduces shedding

Aids with Joint Pain minor or chronic, & reduces inflammation improved joint mobility, healthy gut, brain & digestion & immune system boost

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