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pH Structured Silver - 59 ml 

New technology has made structured silver extremely more effective than the old colloidal or ionic silvers. The new silver requires very small amounts, is non-toxic, and is extremely safe. It also outperforms silver aquasols from last decade by a wide margin. 


Numerous lab reports and research studies have documented the benefits of using silver. In fact, scientists have found that structured silver can destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and other pathogens. It begins to destroy pathogens within the first 15 seconds. 

pH Structured Silver is 99.997% pure water and 0.003% (30 parts per million) elemental silver.

Structured silver is a quantum leap ahead of older silver technologies like silver hydrosol & colloidal silver. The research & development to create it spanned several years, including numerous improvements & breakthroughs. Throughout this research, many silvers were produced & tested against each other by third-party pharmaceutical labs to find the best silver possible. Structured silver is the end result of this research.


Only two ingredients & is free of additives, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients. It also has a mild alkalinity, unlike the older acidic silvers & can be used in many ways, but the most commonly suggested use is to “drink two teaspoons, twice per day

SS kills pathogens in a way nature intended, without side effects. In safely destroying pathogenic bacteria, viruses, &  fungus, Structured Silver can: 

  • Destroy smoldering infections that aren't causing an acute health problem, but do leave a person feeling tired or otherwise in mediocre health, for example: a microbial imbalance in the large intestine that hampers digestion, or a long-term viral infection that won't go away. 
  • Destroy pathogens that are directly causing a health problem, for example: E. Coli in your food ("food poisoning"), bacterial overgrowth in your eye ("pink eye"), or an overgrowth of fungus on a toe nail. 
  • Destroy pathogens that are a secondary complication for someone already struggling with more urgent health concerns, for example: a secondary viral infection like a cold for a person with asthma or cancer or a broken leg. 
  • Prevent infections from developing into something more serious, for example: killing a bacterial infection of the gums that could trigger server heart problems or cancer later on, or killing a toenail fungus before it works its way into the bloodstream.
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pH Structured Silver  - Medicinal Ingredients (per dose unit)

Silver (Colloidal silver) 150 mcg.


Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Purified water.


Recommended Dose

Adult: 2 teaspoons 2 times per day not on metal spoon prefer straight into mouth

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