Hemp-Ease Aide now w/25 Healing Plant Oils Fast Acting

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Hemp-Ease Aide now w/25 Healing Plant Oils Fast Acting

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Product Information
Hemp Aid Multipurpose (Pain) Spray 250ml / 8oz Aluminum Spray Bottle: (Best seller)
* Very popular, Multi-purpose: people report using Hemp Aid on muscle, bone & nerve pain, chest colds, sore throats, toothache (never in the mouth), stuffy nose (apply to the bottoms of the feet), headache (not near the eyes), bug bites (4 sec. no itch), bruises (not on the first day — depending on the severity of the bruise), swelling & menstrual cramps (apply 7 pumps below the navel & 7 pumps on the lower back)


*** Never use inside the body
With the soothing ingredients of Hemp Oil & the natural pain relieving properties of Arnica Montana, HEMP-AID is formulated to relieve joint & muscle pain for two to four hours per application. Hemp Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory & muscle soother. It penetrates easilyinto your skin & starts to work its magic immediately. Arnica Montana has been used medicinally for centuries for muscle & joint pain. Other common external uses may include chest colds, sore throats, stuffy noses, tooth aches, headaches, bruises, swelling, mosquito bites & menstrual cramps. Often spraying on feet bottoms can assist with whole body soothing. Fully activated within fifteen minutes for many hours. For nerve pain, continue applying every fifteen minutes for a maximum of seven applications. We recommend multiple sprays per spot, as needed.
For Drug Free Natural PAIN RELIEF



HempEssential Ingredient List - Hemp AID

Common NameINCI Name
Distilled WaterDistilled Water
99% WitchhazelWitchhazel
Hemp Seed OilCannabis sativa Seed Oil
Vegetable Glycerin (from Palm Trees)Vegetable Glycerin
CamphorCinnamomum camphora
Polysorbate 20Polysorbate 20
Essential Oil of: PeppermintMentha arvensis
Essential Oil of: EucalyptusEucalyptus citriadora
Essential Oil of: Tea Tree LemonLeptospermum petersonii
Arnica MontanaArnica Montana
CapsicumCapsicum annum L
Valerian RootValeriana wallichi
Product CodeHEM2LCM239

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